A Couple More to Kill the Pain

by The Shots of Perspective

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Odds-n-sods collection released hot on the heels of "Nothing Personal."


released April 15, 2004

Recorded mostly at Stagflation and the West Building, Toccoa, Ga.



all rights reserved


The Free Soil Party Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Free Soil Party was a short-lived political party in the United States active in the 1848 and 1852 presidential elections, and in some state elections. Its main purpose was opposing the expansion of slavery into the western territories, arguing that free men on free soil comprised a morally and economically superior system to slavery. ... more

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Track Name: Here the Golden Age Begins
She says, "Kid, you're so magnetic."
She says, "You're acting diabetic
Or apathetic."
She telescopes right through me.

And she films the world in Technicolor
In these Greenwich Village 10x4s
Where it's always 9 a.m.
Or midnight.

She knows my name.
Here the golden age begins.
I'm never letting on.

The devil's eyes are hollow,
Dilated, just some giant pupil.
And this is not Grudem:
It's the Coens.

'Cos we're living on the backlot now,
With bucket rain and New Courier future
And all these soundstage devices.

And we can't stand the black and white,
The underside, the crutches, life.
Can't ever get it right.
Now everything is turning 'round.
Caption, stopgap.
Never going back.

Now I've been reading E.E. Cummings,
Taking back my Dorothy Parker quirks--
Or, if I'm honest--
Mental illness.

'Cos she's unbelieving anyway.
They're nothing to her anyway,
My 1920s speakeasy fixations.
Track Name: Satellites, Post-Incident (Demo)
Read all you want.
It's just cold comfort here.
You're always mauled by the beast you hold most dear.
"Life is very long . . ."
I could watch the satellites as if nothing's wrong.

The first new day's the worst.
Just get up and walk away.
Struggle for the words you never thought you'd have to say.
Wipe the make-up off your face.
I could watch the satellites out in outer space.

And every time you think you've given all your blood,
You'll find that He demands some more.
And they say that time heals everything,
But some wounds never heal--
Or at least you're never sure.

Put that map up on the wall.
We'll pin out every city 'til we've lost them all
And we're anywhere but here.
I could watch the satellites blink out and disappear.
Track Name: I Am Bound to Her (3 A.M. Garbage Truck Version)
I am bound to her
Like a brick on a leash,
A perversion of life,
An overtold dirty joke
That nobody's laughing at
Anywhere anymore.

You're always holding on.
I am no good to anyone,
Not in this state.

I am bound to her
Like rusted-out anchors
To barnacled hulls
Of ghost ships in saline
All dead in the water
And languishing in Marianas.
They say we're the deepest.
Notoriety isn't worth much without air.
Baby, we're nowhere.

I am bound to her,
And my friends say they're sorry,
But then they move on.
And I know this sounds petty and vain.
I'm complaining.
But I just can't get past this.
I just can't move by her,
No matter how many times,
No matter how hard I try.

You are never
Getting over
This one.
Track Name: Sing It on TV (Live at His Place)
Hello, golden child.
It's so good to see you floundering,
Foundering, and going under.
Understand it's nothing personal.
It's just we need reverse role models
To show us how to fail.

The American dream is not to succeed
But to watch somebody's fall from grace
When they sing it on TV.
We're so nonconfrontational.
We'll never tell you what we really mean
Unless it's "We told you so."

Hello, Barton Fink.
Welcome to Hollywood.
I understand hell's just two miles outside of heaven.
Now to test your connection with humanity
By the most intrusive means.
You're just a character we've written.

Oh hell. We missed your play again,
But we'll just catch the adaptation when
They sing it on TV.
And we'll be tuning into the Channel 7 news.
We believe we'll see your face again.
We just don't know what that entails.

Hello, chosen one.
We'll gladly nail you to the front page
Of the New York Times.
We always knew you were destined for mediocrity,
The messiah of the status quo,
Our Jesus Christ in a Chevy Nova.

Now let's discuss your library rearranged.
You're so well-read.
They sang it on TV.
So why can't you pull one more story,
Like blood from a stone,
For the good of all humanity?
Track Name: When the Ashes Fall (It Goes On Version)
I can't even remember what I'm trying to say.
I play half a dozen shows a year.
You never show.
I spend half a million dollars here.
You'd never know.

And I gave you the glory years,
The ostensible best,
Between dingy, yellowed hotel walls
And double-sided concrete.

If you'd just look at me
When the ashes fall,
You'd hardly even notice them.
But you always look away.
You always walk away,
And I have never learned just how to get you back.
Track Name: Forever, Forever I Am Done with Woe
You always make these promises
As though you intend to keep them.
You whisper sideways nothings
As though you really mean them.
You left me in the fire, kid.
Just thought you'd want to know.
Darling, forever, forever I'm done with woe.

I see your name in the concrete
Of the sidewalk's impotent stare.
I'm clutching times and places
That were never really there.
Remember back in April
When I begged you not to go?
But darling, forever, forever I'm done with woe.

But you know me,
And every time
I swear it is
The final time,
You'll see me crawling back again.
But if it's all
The same to you,
I swear it is
The final time.
Oh God, just let me walk away.

So I've been reading my history.
This is how it's going to be:
That hour you spend in destruction
Trumps the other 23.
And sweetness, I'm yours eternally
'Til the second that you go.
Then darling, forever, forever I'm done with woe.

And when we're in the inferno,
I hope that you're bound to me.
We'll be the eighth or ninth circle
By my theology.
I know it sounds vitriolic,
But I wanted you to know
That darling, forever, forever I'm done with woe.
Track Name: Expose (Makeshift Synthesizer Version)
Your papers said it's all like water.
If you could just convince the other side . . .
You know this town is just a fishbowl.
The shut-ins knew you were out before you'd even heard.
And when the sunlight hits the asphalt,
We all know Chapel Drive is gonna sink.

But it's all pyrrhic victories
And bile-encrusted histories
When every mystery comes crashing down around you.

Now I've been trying to treat this with humanity,
But humanity keeps letting me down.
I never made a good Joe Strummer.
I could never hold that one sure side for long.
And I never saw into the future,
But last Monday, when they sang it on TV,
I said "I knew it all from the beginning."

I know we're groping blindly in the dark, all of us--
No bite, no bark.
But "all" is the part I never really learned.

I'm so tired of praying the imprecatories on you.
Oh, to have no more axes to grind!
So the public's getting bored?
So you're disillusioned with the twenty grayscale stripes across your skin?
Well, turn the clock back to the black and white,
When you knew what's right,
I think you'll find that's no one you ever want to be again.

When the seasons change, it covers everything.
By the dead of August, no one knows.
But you're not in the line of David when you cry out "Absalom!"
You're Colonel Sutpen or Joe Christmas,
Half everything you swore you'd never be.

Summer smells like railroad tar
And cherry smoke from cheap domestic cars,
But there are no stars--
Not anymore, not here.
Track Name: Let It Be an End (Live at His Place)
One day you will find me
Wrecked up on some woman
Like a ship upon the rocks.
I'll say I am happy,
And maybe you'll believe me.
Maybe not.

If heaven is to cast us out,
Let it be an end to doubt.
If heaven is to draw us near,
Let it be an end to fear.

You've heard this progression
But much more innovative.
No, there's nothing new in me.
You've heard this inflection
But so much more with passion.
Though there's plenty to believe.

And Jenni says she's tired of this.
Jenni says she wants me to get well.
And everything's a major crisis,
But Jenni says she doesn't want to hear it anymore.
So I am weighing out the gravity
Of everything, and then I'll make my choice.
Maybe life's a gift and not a burden.
Maybe I can see the light and just ignore it.
Maybe I'm not drowning anymore.

Half the nation watched it.
The other half was in it.
Now there's nothing left to burn.
And your GOP circles
Are begging You "INHABIT."
History never learns.

I'm not William Blake.
I swear.