Distorted Doors / I Reveal Too Much

by The Free Soil Party

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released August 6, 2013



all rights reserved


The Free Soil Party Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Free Soil Party was a short-lived political party in the United States active in the 1848 and 1852 presidential elections, and in some state elections. Its main purpose was opposing the expansion of slavery into the western territories, arguing that free men on free soil comprised a morally and economically superior system to slavery. ... more

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Track Name: Distorted Doors
"Start with something concrete if you ever want the world to understand"
I am sick to death of the concrete
Been laid out here so long I can't remember when I came

Yeah, it's not 3 a.m.
I can't imagine there's anything to ever look back on
When I forget the words
When my fingers are too atrophied to even play the song

The map's full of distorted doors
The heat's invisible
The asphalt melts away
My arm's stuck in the elevator doors
There's no opening
No fear
No winnings to parlay

Now the feedback loops are closing in
They're echoless and unaware
And the drugs won't make them ring
The smoke is blue-plumed
The pages, yellowed
The heat just hangs around like it's a living thing

So the television's on
It coats the womb in blue
The walls of laugh-track drone
So look here, Kierkegaard
I'm not waiting for the world to end
It does that on its own

Now Percy's laughing from a distance
He says he's seen it all
And nothing's all that strange
"You could climb the highest mountain, kid
It wouldn't matter
You'll just die to find another range"
Track Name: I Reveal Too Much
Hey child
I want to read your signs
Remove the yellow from the whites of your eyes
If I get it wrong
Might nail me to the ground
I been searching everywhere for the secret of your sound

If I reveal too much
I got that tendency
Don't know what to make of all my other melodies

Cast them out
Demons or vampires
I'm sure that if you shine the light
They'll trip beneath the wire

You're "Thunder Road" or "I Hear a Symphony"
Someone else's thoughts thrown down for just such an opportunity
We speak in code
Is it from necessity?
Well, every time your back is turned
I wish you were back in front of me

If I reveal too much
I do that all the time
Don't know what we should do to get this whole thing realigned

But I wish you'd stay
I guess I may be wearing thin
But if you could plant yourself a quarter inch beneath my skin

So I think you're great
Not sure if you could tell
Sometimes I come on with the subtlety of a shotgun shell